About the Southeast Chapter

THE SOUTHEAST CHAPTER is dedicated to advancing the practice and appreciation of classical architecture and art of our region.

Founded in 2004, the Chapter is led by an innovative Board of Trustees and holds a diverse membership of classical enthusiasts, architects, interior designers, landscape architects, artisans, artists, craftsmen, contractors, and vendors throughout the states of Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Tennessee.



The Southeast Chapter created the Shutze Awards, to recognize the region’s finest practitioners of the classical design tradition. The awards were named for the internationally renowned, Atlanta architect Philip Trammell Shutze, who is revered as one of the twentieth century’s most devoted classicists.


As a Chapter committed to advancing the timeless lessons of the past, for design today, the Southeast Chapter offers students, professionals and enthusiasts a myriad of lectures, continuing education opportunities, and travel experiences in the classical tradition.